Friday, August 20, 2010

busy busy busy...

Holy Cow! I cannot believe it has been almost a whole month since I have posted! We have been so busy here lately that I can't even think straight.  I'll try to do a brief catch-up and more posts tonight/this weekend.

Aiden & Cooper:

These two little boys are keeping me so busy! Their favorite movie(s) are Woody & Buzz or Toy Story 1 & 2. Everyday we discuss Boody & Buzz. They have expanded their vocab of characters to include Pig (Hamm), Doggie (Slinky), Yee Haw (Jessie), and Rawr (Rex). They crack me up. We seriously watch a Toy Story film almost every other day. I try not to watch it every day so I can keep my sanity. But, they have become so aware of what happens in the films that they say "OH NO" before something happens. They even know when Buzz arrives in the first one. As the camera pans up his little space ship box Cooper screams out "BUZZ!"

They have learned to climb and push anything they want to get anything they need. This has made for "child proofing" my house super difficult. Almost all chairs are removed to rooms that are unaccessible to them. One day they figured out how to move my antique yellow chair and since then it has been sequestered to my bedroom. Sometimes, they even go in there and move it out to the living room so they can get their movies off of the bookshelf. This is a serious problem. I have no idea how to stop them. If you have ideas, please enlighten me. They are stubborn little boys. While we are on the topic of climbing, Cooper had another accident! Thankfully it wasn't as serious as the "staple incident" but still, the kid will not learn that climbing = ouchies. This past time it happened on Sunday. He decided he wanted to dance on Kevin's bed side table (which is very unstable = reason for bedroom) and it kicked out from underneath him. He scratched up his face pretty good but it wasn't serious. It's practically gone now and by Tuesday it just looked like he had some chocolate on his face. Trust me when I say that TWO is all we can handle at the moment!


He has been super busy with work. He is the only employee now and has taken on so much responsibility! He's such a good mechanic and can fix pretty much anything that is broken. I'm so proud of him! He is looking in going back to school in the Spring which will be nice to have a break from paying on student loans! I know that he will do great in whatever he decides to pursue. He still is the 2nd Counselor in YM's and it keeps us both pretty busy on Wednesday nights. I think he really enjoys the Deacons even though they are a handful and more and more seem to be piling into his class. If anything, it'll be good preparation for when our kids get that old.


Well, we have taken a leap of faith and decided that I should still go to school. I know you are thinking, "Wait, didn't you announce you weren't going to school?" Why yes, yes I did. However, my AMAZING advisor was able to get me 3 night classes and an online class. This means I can still stay home with the kiddos and go to school. I'm really happy about it. My classes are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday which is awesome so Kevin can still go to mutual. Plus, I think it'll be a good opportunity for Kevin to spend more time with our kids. He has been so busy this summer working pretty much non-stop that he's missed out on so many special memories I have with the boys. Besides school, I'm still trying to adjust my schedule to being as productive as possible during the day. I'm currently looking into ideas and ways to educate my kiddos. I want them to start their alphabet and numbers. I know they won't go into Kindergarten until they are six because of their birthday, but I still want them to be the smartest little ones around. So, if you have any ideas {Andrea} that you would like to share, please send them my way! Oh, and I had aspirations to open an etsy shop. That is still in the work, I just haven't found the time to develop my products. So, don't worry it will debut eventually.

That is all I can think of at the moment. I'll be back with some cute pics of the boys from when some friends came to visit.

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Andrea said... It is amazing, and will teach the boys so much. You might need two computers. One for each of them.