Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday Steals: JCP Red Zone

Last week my friend Dana told me that JC Penny's had some shirts marked down for super cheap. They had already ran out of the sizes that her boys wear but I should check it out to see if my kiddos could get some new clothes. Well you know what, I got them 4 t-shirts for $6.75 which includes tax.

The shirts normally sold for $7.00 a piece. How awesome is that? I would like to thank back to school sales and the fact that JC Penny's Red Zone has items that start at 60% off. My boys got new shirts for their birthday. I still cant believe they are gonna be two :(

This post is in conjunction with Camille's Saturday Steals. 

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Camille said...

Hooray for last-minute Steal posts! It brightened my day to see one more entry. Thanks for participating! (And great steals, too.)