Tuesday, August 24, 2010

little boys are made of:

{how precious are these little faces?}
aiden in back, cooper in front

Kevin's best friend from forever Brad came and visited us a couple of weekends ago. He ended up bringing along his two dogs because the trip to our house was a test road trip for their long drive out to California later this year. However, none of that is important except for the fact that our kids have a fascination with dog kennels. Ever since the boys were big enough to crawl we have always likened them to puppies. I don't know if its because they rub their faces on the carpet, crawl on their hands and knees while yelping, or just the fact that they are adorable and give us that warm fuzzy feeling inside, but they remind us of dogs sometimes. So I guess it is no surprise that they loved our friend's dog kennel.  They saw it in our guest room and couldn't get enough of it. Aiden was the first one to venture into the kennel and discovered quickly that the gate was fun to open and close. Once Cooper saw how fun it was decided to join his brother. They thought it was the funnest thing ever. The crawled around and were so silly. I realize now that I should have video recorded them as well as pictures, but oh well. It was a fun couple of minutes to play with something new and exciting.


Kim said...

So so glad Hannah wasn't the only kid who liked to play in dog kennels

Chloe said...

haha so cute and funny!
Glad to see you're back!

Malissa Cordova said...

So cute! I can't believe how big they are!! My kids love play in our kennel too! What is it about being caged up!

Amanda said...

I am glad I read the post. My first thought at seeing the pics: Well she figured out a way to keep them in their beds at night LOL