Thursday, July 1, 2010


**Due to the Graphic Nature of some of this post please be warned **

Please brace yourself for the intense amount of updating that will be going on here.

First and foremost, I bought us a new camera!! YAY! Our old one is still lost, but at least we have one now right? Plus, its totally awesome. Its the Samsung Dual View.
Why is it awesome you ask? It has a front screen that you can easily turn on. My kiddos love to look at themselves whenever I get my camera out so it makes taking pictures easier. It also has a "kid" setting where a clown dances around and music plays to entice little ones to look at you. We are in love with it and I have been making sure that I keep a good eye on where it is at all times. (pic here)

Moving on... Last Tuesday we had our first "Emergency" situation. Scary, Yes? Did my little man handle it like a trooper? Yes. I am pretty sure I was the worst out of Cooper, Aiden, and myself. The details of what really happened are still unknown to me and probably will be forever, but what I can conclude is that Cooper fell off a table. How? Well, him and his brother like to climb like little monkeys. They will push, pull, drag, flip over, do whatever necessary to the objects in the room to help enable themselves to achieve a greater distance vertically. They had pushed over their table over to the big table where the TV is setting at work. They like to get up there and push buttons. I was in the other room around the corner doing some work when all of the sudden I heard a loud THUD followed by screaming. I bolted out of the little room I call an "office" to find Aiden screaming and Cooper laying on the ground face first. I thought he had just tripped and fell like normal. I scooped Aiden off of the table and picked up Cooper. Cooper was screaming so hard no sounds were coming out, yes I started to panic a little. I sat down with them and attempted to get them to calm. After getting everyone to an okay place I looked down and saw blood streaming down Cooper's head. Me, freaking out, held him like a football, ran to the back shop yelled at Kevin to come because Cooper was bleeding and began to totally freak! Kevin came running, cleaned up Cooper with soap, water, and peroxide and then consoled him while I calmed down Aiden. After Cooper had calmed down to a good point and we were able to keep him still we looked at his head. I even asked Linda if she thought he needed to go to the doctor. She said no, that he would be fine but Kevin and I felt that he deserved to be looked at. It would only cost me $10 anyways so, wheres the harm in that? All of this scenario took place in a matter of like 5-7 mins. It felt way longer to me! But, we went to the doctor, and he said that he was gonna need one, just one, staple and that he didn't need to be numbed because it would just hurt more. I agreed and we proceeded. Cooper was great. He cried for just a little bit after he got the staple inserted into the top of his head. I am so proud of my little Coop! It was such a traumatic experience for both Cooper and Aiden, and I am fearful of what we will experience next on this little adventure down Growing-Up Lane. But as they say "Boys will be Boys" right?

Traumatic Experience #2, well really it was the first traumatic experience in the week of first time experiences for the boys. We were headed up to Missouri for Father's Day weekend and both boys were a little feverish in the morning, but seemed okay once we started our venture. We stopped and got something to eat at the KFC in Clinton, bad idea if you ever take Hwy 65 North -- just sayin. Now, if you have ever taken Hwy 65 to Missouri you know that the road gets a little curvy, there's lots of twists and turns and after St. Joe there is nothing for a while. Well, right as we approached St.Joe is when Aiden did one of the funniest and most disgusting things I have witnessed first hand... he threw up. Not like any adult would do because they know the feeling and would try to avoid it at any cost, no no no... he just started spewing and crying. Once it happened the first time, Cooper started crying. I felt so bad for the both of them! Aiden didn't know what to do and was covered in disgusting and continued to heave a couple more times. Fortunately we stopped at a service station, the unfortunate thing was that it was closed. WHO CLOSES A SERVICE STATION? Apparently the people who own Jimmy's in St. Joe, thats who. Anyways, we stopped and cleaned him up to the best of our ability with baby wipes. There was a hose sitting out that we used to clean off his clothes and car seat. Once he was "clean" and had new clothes on I put a blanket down for him to sit on top of in his carseat which was gross. We did what we had to do to make it work. Thankfully he fell asleep not too long after we started out on the road again. All I can say is that I'm thankful I packed their blankets for this trip and glad that carseat covers can be easily washed! I am crossing my fingers we don't have to experience anymore traumatic events for a while.

As promised:

I cannot believe how quickly they have grown up.


Kara said...

What an intense story!!! Glad he is okay!

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Your boys are so adorable. I am so excited for us to meet them finally!

Caton Ann Morris said...

too cute, I am glad they are both ok!

Andrea said...

You were right about the trauma. I am glad you survived.

Malissa Cordova said...

They are so handsome and getting so big!! I've never had a kid get a staple before...stitches yes! I'm glad to know everybody is good now!! And throw up in the car might be one of the worst and stinkiest things!