Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking to the Future

Yesterday while discussing the income that teachers make with my friend I realized I should just go for my Masters. It's only 30 more credits and you make like $20K more. I would be silly to not push my self to get that right? Well today I started looking into the best Universities for Education Majors. I came upon Vanderbilt. It was ranked #1 in some poll last year. Seems like its a pretty good school and Vanderbilt is obviously a school that most people have heard of. So I was looking around their website for their Master's program and came upon something very interesting...

They are teaming up with the Nashville school system and providing free tuition to applicants who agree to work for their school district for 5 years, 2 in an urban school and 3 in a specified school. You can read more about it here. But, I'm pretty sure that its still in the trial stages because only 24 applicants are going into the program. However, how great of an opportunity is that!?

I was super excited about it and told Kevin all about it and how cool I thought it would be to live in Nashville! At first he was a little apprehensive because i would be relocating our entire family, but after thinking about it he was excited to maybe get in to song writing which has always been a passion of his. I think I'm a little too excited though because I started looking at houses for sale and found the cutest little house for $130,000. Kevin even thought it was cute. Maybe I'm jumping the gun on my longing to get out of Arkansas but if this amazing opportunity is still available upon me graduating I will apply to the program. I know that Kev's mom would be upset that we would be moving but lets be honest, living debt free is better than trying to please people.

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