Monday, March 1, 2010

Resloution Check-In

In the midst of our crazy busy life... I have decided the best time to organize my house will be during spring break because I will not have ANY school work (hopefully!) I've been looking online for inspiration on how to organize the boys room as well as my closets:

from here 

all from here 

The blog that the pictures above are from has all sorts of great organization tips for every room in your house.

from Ikea  

Those are all the ones I had time for today but they have definitely helped me get my brain working on what I want to to do with the rooms in my house. I'm excited to have some time to do it!


Geoff, Kim and Hannah Hatch said...

it's such a huge task to become organized. i try to do what i can and am so much more organized than i used to be but i have such a long way to go! good luck!

Michelle LeMieux said...

Oooo, those are such great ideas! I need to do a resolution check-in as well...