Thursday, December 10, 2009

The End is Near

Finals are knocking on my door... as in they are waiting for me to sit down in a quiet room and just answer the questions for hours on end. However, along with finals comes grades on assignments that have been sitting in the assignment box for over a month. I am a procrastinator by nature. I put everything off until the last minute, ALWAYS!! So, it is normal for me to turn in a paper late for an online class. In my psychology class this happened twice because once I was on vacation and did not bring my lap top (which was my fault). We couldnt get the computers to link up and it was a huge mess, but my teacher accepted it because I was on vacation and she was very understanding. My second paper was late because I procrastinated. Plain and simple. I finished it after it was due and then tried to upload it. If you use BlackBoard you know that in order to upload anything it has to open a new windown and then you search your computer and then you find your paper and upload it. Well.... the first time I tried to upload my paper Java crashed my computer! I was in tears because I knew she would not give me full credit on this assignment. I restared the computer and then uploaded my paper. With the paper I included a note to my teacher stating that I am a procrastinator, that I was sorry for my paper late, and that my computer had crashed. I never heard back from her regarding the assignment. This past week she allowed AMNESTY for all of our assignments, disscussions, and quizes me might have missed and would award us half credit. I WAS EXCITED!!! I knew this was my chance to make up this paper. I emailed her and asked if I needed to resubmit my paper and she said no. This morning when I checked my class, I found that she had graded my paper last night. To my astonishment this is what she had written to me:

Thanks for being so upfront, Jacqueline. I can understand the procrastination effect--I have battled procrastination--and the resulting panic mode that it produces--all my life as well!

Your article review paper is EXCELLENT. You are so thorough in your writing assignments, going above and beyond the expectations and scope of the assignment. Your paper is probably the BEST one that I have had turned in from a student in response to this article review assignment in several years! :-)

I agree that the research on the memory of rats was fascinating! It's incredible that researchers are able to extrapolate data from experiments like that in order to make breakthrough knowledge about human behavior and conditions.

Regardless of being just a tad late, it deserves a 100/100 .


WHAT!!! Does that say that I get 100% on my paper? Why yes, yes it does!! I was so excited I almosted jupmed out of my chair. I have been so nervous about going back to school and that I was not prepared but this comment from my teacher makes me feel that I am capable of succeeding and that I can do it. I look forward to graduation... even if it is 2 years away still. :)


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Congrats my friend, that is awesome!

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Good job!! You are awesome.