Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Moments

Last night I decided to bring the boys home while Kevin stayed and worked late. I set up our Halloween decorations in the yard, made dinner, bathed them, and played with them all before Kevin got home at the nice hour of um...9pm? Yeah, it was a late night for him but I am glad he worked. We had so much fun! They helped me in the kitchen, by constanly grabbing on my to my legs and not letting go. We had a splash zone in the bath tub. I ended up being soaked by the end of their bath but it was all worth it. Then we played in their room. I let them just run around and be free sans diapers! I had so much fun with all the time that we spent together just the three of us. I am grateful for the little moments in time when I get to spend time with my boys and be silly and fun. I look forward to the many more memories we will be sharing as they grow up.

My awesome Dollar Store decorations and yes, those are Christmas lights.
An upclose look at one of my different tombstones

They really enjoyed the lights and the decorations as a whole. I am super excited for Christmas time!! :)


Geoff, Kim and Hannah Hatch said...

that looks way cute! i can't wait for Christmas either!

SloneFamily said...

Awww your house looks great! Love those little moments :)

Whitney said...

I cant believe how big your boys are. Love the decorations and love that they are from the dollar store. I hit the dollar store too.