Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Year Has Past...

Since these cute little boogers were born!
As you can probably tell, I haven't taken very many pictures of them since Kevin cleared off our camera for their  birthday extravaganza! But, I cannot believe my little babies are a year old already. Its so crazy to look back on the past year and see how much they have grown and changed and become their own little people. They both definately have their own personalities and things that they do and I could not love it more. Even today I told Kevin I want another baby, which I say everyday so its nothing new. We had a nice family birthday get together. We took the boys to Larry's our favorite pizza joint to get the most fantastic pizza ever! Plus they are free until their 5th or 6th birthday? So, who doesn't love free food? Anyways, afterwards we gave them their own little cupcake mosters to celebrate their special day. I got them at Harps which is probably my favorite grocery store but we rarely go there since its on the other side of the highway. Aiden enjoyed digging into the frosting and making the biggest mess ever. Cooper, on the other hand, was scared of the way that it felt and that it was cold and was just not having it. Bud tried to force Cooper to touch it and it just made him upset so he cried even harder :( Eventually he came around to it and enjoyed making a mess with is brother. It was so nice to spend the evening with our family outside of work and focus on the babies and how awesome they are. Please enjoy the pictures of their mess making mayhem.

Aiden is the one who has the frosting up on the side of his face and covered in green goo. Cooper is the one who is a little bit cleaner. I tried to group them together but bloggers new editor is weird and I'm not used to it. I had a video of it but don't know how to upload it now. :(


Lindsey Layton said...

Haha! That's awesome! I love it. They are getting so big and oh so cute :o)

Amanda T said...

How awesome! The boys are to cute!
We love Harps too and we just live a few miles from there. They make some wicked brownies.

Michelle said...

Oh, those pictures are hilarious! So how long did it take to get every speck of green off of every visible surface?
Those monster cupcakes rock. I need to check out Harp's. I still have never been there except to take Hummer to the bathroom. :)
Happy 1st year of motherhood! You are a beautiful mother, and I am amazed at how well you are adjusting, especially with two at once.
Thanks for the fun post! If you ever do get the video to work, I still want to see it! :)