Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Sorry Blogging World

So it seems as if I have been gone longer than I thought from this world of blogging. Our lives have been so extremely busy the past couple of months! Let me fill you in:

In May we had two auctions for our business. The first one was in Tupelo, Mississippi. It's only about a 4 hour drive so it wasn't too bad. Plus, it was a one day auction. However, about a week before the auction I was bit by a spider and I had to go to the ER because apparently Arkansas doesn't have Urgent Cares. (Lame ) So I got put on a super strong anti-biotic that had sulfa in it. Apparently I am allergic to sulfa and after taking the pills for a week I had an extremly terrible reaction to it. While in Mississippi I had a fever and this terrible rash all over my body. It was gross and I was probably more miserable than the last week of my pregnancy, which was bad. So I decided to wait it out and go home and then decide if I still felt bad, then I would go to the doctor. Well we had to stay in Mississippi saturday night because there were really bad torandoes and no one wanted us to drive home. So instead we stayed the night, each of us had to sleep with a baby (did I mention Kevin & the babies came?) then we departed in the morning. I was feeling better until we got home and I took more antibiotics. Then I got worse, the missionaries came over and gave me a blessing, Kevin's mom came over to watch the babies, and we headed to the ER. There they informed me that I was having an alergic reaction to my medicine which included my symptoms, plus I had pnueomia in one of my lungs. So, I stayed in the hospital till Monday afternoon, got put on steroids and realsease. I am happy to say I have not been sick since! Well, after that whole ordeal we went to Missouri to go to Kevin's nephew's graduation. It was really fun seeing the whole family and the babies love their dogs. After that we came back home, and had another auction in Hot Springs (thats in Arkansas). Thankfully Kevin's sister and her family came down from Missouri and took care of our kids for that weekend. They got to sleep in, and be spoiled, which I think all kiddos love. After the auction was over, we went back up to Missouri for Kevin's neice's reception. That was lots of fun, but I think it stressed me otu more than my wedding! Kim had me doing so many things, but I was so happy to be a help to her because she is such a huge help to me ALL the time! Seriously. Since then we haven't had any crazy travel adventures, but I have been super busy with school! YES! I am back in school. I signed up for two summer school courses that I can take online. They are a little challenging trying to balance my family life, work, and school, but I am doing well. I'm not sure if its because I'm used to doing "university" quality work (I'm going to a Techincal school) or if my work is really good. Either way both of my teachers are commenting on the good quality of my work, which makes me want to do even better in school. Now that you are all caught up on my life here is what you really wanted to know...

Aiden and Cooper have made such gigantic strides over the past couple of months! They already weigh over 20 lbs, they are in big boy car seats, they feed themselves, they are trying to walk, they can stand, and already have 2 teeth! They are currently in the process of cutting their top teeth and I know that it hurts them :(

Also, Kevin was able to give them their blessings on Father's Day and it was such a special day for our family. I was so glad that Kevin's dad got to come down and stay with us that weekend. Fathers day is always hard on me because I had such an amazing father. I'm am thankful that Kevin's has a good relationship with his dad and that he is close enough for us to visit.

I am sorry there are no pictures but, I will make an effort to post them and silly videos of the babies. I am trying to be a better blogger again!!

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caton said...

About time! yay! picture of everyone soon!