Thursday, March 26, 2009

6 Month Update

I know our babies turned 6 month's almost two weeks ago but as you can read below... we have been busy. So here are the exciting updates that the boys have made.
Aiden's Weight & Measurements:
Weight: 17lbs 11oz
Length: 27inches
Head Circumference: 15inches

Cooper's Weight & Measurements:
Weight: 17lbs 8oz
Length: 25 1/2inches
Head Circumference: 16inches

Seeing how their weights are pretty much the same I am going to go off of that. As for the fact their lengths are so different... I think they were just at different places on the scale because they look the same size to me. They have been making such strides in their development! They both babble all day long and Aiden loves to yell super loud but I think its funny. They are both up on their knees rocking back and forth and trying to figure out how to crawl.
Cooper can spin in circles and is starting to army crawl. Aiden scoots backwards and likes to explore weird places in our house. Like the back of the couch for example. The boys love playing in their exersaucer and johnny jumpup.

Also, they have gotten really good at stealing things from one another. Cooper likes to take away Aiden's pacifier or toys. Aiden has learned to seek revenge from stealing Cooper's pacifier out of his mouth.

This is Cooper showing off his skills.

Aiden's new face. He loves to smack his lips. I think it's his way of trying to imitate us making kissy faces. Cooper's new thing is sticking out his tounge. Here is a video of his attempt at making farting noises.

I'm sure there is more they are doing but I can't think of it all right now.


Malissa said...

They are so cute! I love the tongue thing...Crew just found his cute!!

Tiffany Baker said...

Wow! They have gotten so big! I am happy to see your little family happily growing! Miss you guys!!!

The Swiatkowskis said...

Oh wow Jacque. They are so cute. I can't believe they are already 6 months. How awesome that they are already trying to crawl. Sounds like you guys have been busy. I can't imagine having two the same age. It seems like you are super mommy!!!

Whitney said...

Your boys are so cute!!! You have been a busy family. but what a fun trip to be able to see your family.

Camille said...

THOSE CHINS! AND THOSE CHEEKS!! I don't want to have babies unless they come out looking just like that! Cute, cute, cute.

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

you're family is precious, if i could I would be your neighbor so I can babysit those cute little boys and see you of course :-)

Andrea said...

They are so cute. How fun to have 2.

Michelle said...

What a fun blog!
It was great to have ya'll over here last night, and to get to know you better. You have such a beautiful family!

The Fantastic Five said...

The boys are so cute! At times I really miss that age but then again... I know everyone says it but they do grow up fast. My boys will be in Kindergarten in the fall which doesn't hardly seem possible.

Just an FYI, the stealing thing doesn't get any better - they just learn to run real fast after they've taken whatever it is they want :)

Emily Lauren said...

Jacque- So good to see what you're up to these days. Congratulations on the wedding, baptism, and on your two adorable little boys. What a beautiful family you guys make!

You sound like you're doing great and, while I'm sure you're SUPER busy, you are handling it like a champ!!!

Glad everything's going so great for you.

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