Wednesday, July 22, 2009

{Day Ten}

YAY! I have finally caught up and from this point forward I am hoping to be able to blog everyday. Speaking of my crazy goal that I set for myself... I have inspired someone else. That person is my friend Krystal. She is living an amazing life! She has 3 little ones, a set of twins (boy & girl) and a little man, plus she is a surrogate for a family who is unable to conceive. While talking to her today she told me that she was inspired from my blog to post something every day on hers about her journey as a surrogate. What an amazing adventure to live! I don't know if I could be a surrogate for the simple fact I love babies too much and probably wouldn't want to give it up. But, she is doing such an amazing job and the family that she is the surrogate for is so deserving. To read more about this journey check out her blog "Your Bun in My Oven."
Krystal with the family of the precious baby girl in her tummy.

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Krystal said...

thanks for being inspired enough to write about me. and i should also thank you for inspiring me not only to share my life with the world but also just for you sharing yours with us.