Wednesday, July 22, 2009

{Day Nine}

Tylenol & Coke Zero! These two simple things that anyone can purchase at a store were my saving grace yesterday. (Along with my wonderful husband Kevin) But seriously, I think I may have anxiety issues. Ever since Kevin left last Tuesday for Denver I had a super difficult time adjusting to being with out his help. It was hard to entertain babies, do homework, and pack for a 4 day adventure to aunt Kim & uncle Andy's house. I never realized how much it helps just having Kevin home at night. To add to the stress I was under from leaving my babies for a couple days for the first time, the amount of homework I have piled up (I'm a bit of a procrastinator), and the impending sale I was facing... I was freaking out on the inside not to say the least. I had a little bit of a headache over the time we were in Denver but I pushed it aside because I had work to do. But, along came Sunday and the big momma of migraines hit me! I don't think it helps that I woke up at 4am, jumped on a plane at 7am, drove for 3 hours from Kansas City to Springfield, talked it up for about 2 hours, then drove 4.5 hours home to Grandma's house, followed by a 30 minute drive to our house. So after unpacking as much of the car as possible and dealing with my children screaming for my attention, I attempted to go to bed. It didn't happen, I had a rough time falling asleep and an even worse time trying to get good rest. Thankfully though, by morning the pressure was less severe and I could at least watch the babies while I attempted to rest. They were amazingly good and played back in forth between their room and our kitchen/living room. I think I even got a nap in sometime during that day... anyways. Long story short... I've had a migraine/headache since Sunday! Last night I took some Tylenol, drank a Coke Zero, and told Kevin "I'm going to rest." Just that hour of me laying on the couch with a blanket and fan on me rejuvenated my poor little head and I felt motivated to get some homework done! YAY!

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