Thursday, July 23, 2009

{Day Eleven}

Fun with a cardboard box. I'm so thankful that the babies have discovered the fun of a box. Today they spent almost the whole day in their "cage." Here are the following pictures to outline their day for you:
End of the day... Aiden was waiting for his daddy to close up the shop.
Aiden was so tired he started to fall asleep in the box. Every time I tried to get close he would wake up... so you might have to stare through the "cage."
Aiden and his little tongue. This was after they pulled all of their toys out of the box.
Cooper was very interested in the camera. He might be the little photog when he grows up.
Aiden liked standing in the box as much as playing with it.
The guys at the end of the day... each to his own box.
Trying to escape...

Cooper conquered the box first. He sat up there for like 30 mins.

That is a recap of today. It was fun for them and I got a lot of work done! I think they like the new location of the "baby cage" and that it is closer to me. I have a theory that they are learning how to move it by working together... if I can ever get it on video you will see that they are super smart.

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