Friday, October 15, 2010

Sometimes, our lives get busy…

So heres the deal, we have been super busy around here lately. School is insanely involved, which is what I should have expected, but didn’t for some reason. Probably due to the fact I’ve only taken general ed courses the past 2 semesters and this semester is the real classes. Anyways, I have been swamped with book reports, mini-lessons, quizzes, tests, observations, and presentations. It’s been a lot, but I am really loving everything and I think I have found my niche in the world. Teaching.

The boys have been super busy and really funny lately. I wish that we were potty training just for the simple fact that diapers = expensive! Aiden is a copy cat in every way possible. Whenever I say something to him he simple repeats it back. I find it hilarious when he says “There’s Aiden!” when playing hide and seek. Cooper on the other hand is super feisty!He will always tell Aiden to “stop it” and likes to think he can tell me “momma, no no!” Kevin and I laugh because he says it with a super growly voice that makes him sound like he is possessed by a creature.

They had their 2 year check up at the dentist and the doctors office. They were really good for the dentist considering the fact they don’t like people getting into their mouths. He said that their teeth looked good and had no stains and to just continue to floss them so they don’t get any cavities. I attribute their immaculate teeth to the fact they don’t eat candy and only get soda in a blue moon. Their well-check at the doctor went really well too! Aiden is 1/2 an inch taller than Cooper and Cooper weighed 1 pound more than Aiden. Some how the difference of one pound puts the kids in completely different percentage groups. Cooper is in the 50th percentile, while Aiden is in the 25th. I think that’s just nonsense so I think they are fine and on the right course for their growth and development.

They have been much more interested in reading lately and their favorite book is Good Night Goon which is a parody of Good Night Moon. We have both books but the goon book is funnier and they can almost read the whole book by themselves. It amazes me how much they are growing developmentally! Cooper has developed a love for the kitchen and will take any opportunity he can to pull a chair up and help me or Kevin. Usually Aiden climbs up there with him and they fight over who gets to stand in the chair, but none the less, it is exciting to see that he has interests in more than Buzz! Aiden on the other hand is the best dancer ever! Well, I’m not sure about ever but he gets his groove on whenever he can. If we are watching tv and a commercial comes on he will listen to the music and if he thinks it is danceable… he will bust a move. His dance move looks similar to Kevin’s signature move “The Hobie.” If I can capture a video of this little guy, it will be posted!

As for Kev, he is still busy with work. We sold his truck so now we have no more car payments or insurance payments!! YIPPIE! We do have insurance on my car, but its through the shop so we don’t have to pay for it. Don’t worry, we stay safe in this family. Kevin even told me that our next car will be a new family car that will fit any other little munchkins that happen to join us down the road. (No, I am not pregnant. Kevin and I just have plans for more kids in the future so we are being responsible.) I can’t think of anything else at the moment. But I promise as soon as I find some time in my busy schedule I will do a picture filled post.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Maybe Cooper will be a chef and cook until you are FAT! :-) haha.

The Budding Gourmet Indian Food said...

nice :)

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