Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogger Inspiration: The Bella Life

Do you all read The Bella Life blog? If you don’t you should because they are funny, inspirational, and all around awesome. They did a post about Dollar Tree hurricanes and how Camberly & Keighley fancied them up. Feeling inspired I trucked over to my local Dollar Tree and picked up the last hurricane they had. I’m hoping that they will get some more in stock because really, you need more than one pretty hurricane on your mantle. Also while I was at the DT I picked up some glitter skulls because I felt that my house needed some Halloween sparkle. So here is what I did with my Dollar Tree finds:



I kept it simple and filled the bottom with some moss (also purchased at the Dollar Tree) and simply placed a few little white pumpkins I picked up at a local grocery store (Harps) for 67 cents a pound! I purchased 7 and only spend $1.50.

Glitter Skulls:


In an attempt to make my mantle more appealing I opted to switch out my candles which one sat upon these candle sticks for skulls. They are super fun and when we leave the light on over our mantle the glitter reflects. Kevin was even a fan of them, which is a good thing because he generally doesn’t dig the glitter.

These are only a couple of the touches that I have added to my house but I think they are fun. I’ll post my DIY Halloween wreath soon.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

I LOVE THE SKULLS!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I am jealous. the end

Andrea said...

Love the Dollar Tree. It is so fun to decorate that way. Can't wait to see your wreath.

Caton Ann said...


Vivi said...

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