Friday, July 2, 2010

Saturday Steals: Family Favors

My friend, Camille, does a fun segment every Saturday on her blog, Archives of Our Lives,  called Saturday Steals. She talks about all the cool things she gets for free or super cheap. It's amazing and other people in the blogosphere join along. This is my first Saturday Steal so enjoy :)

Well, since I am back in school I needed a new laptop. My old laptop I got my 2nd year of college and while it was good and great, it has officially died and now disappeared. Luckily, I have a super awesome uncle who loves me. To say I am his favorite is an understatement I think, even my mom and sister would agree. The other thing about my uncle is that he is a super geeky computer guy. I called him asking his advice about purchasing a netbook or a laptop, I figured he would know better than pouring over reviews online. I was right! He told me netbooks are great for on the go stuff, but not what I needed for school. I told him I wanted a smaller laptop because a big one would be too cumbersome and heavy to trek around school with on top of books. Well, it must have been my lucky day because he told me that he had a Thinkpad which was small and a full power laptop! I was super excited. He told me he had to find a battery for it and then would mail it out.

A couple weeks later this came in the mail:

Now I have a super awesome little Thinkpad which was given to me free of charge. It has fingerprint protection, so there is no need for me to remember a password. He also lovingly loaded it with all of the "Office Essentials" that I would need for school. How awesome is that? I love it and am eternally grateful to my Uncle David who sent it to me all the way from Minnesota.


I Heart Monster said...

Awww! Congrats on such an awesome steal and on having such a totally rockin' uncle!

I used to have one of these Thinkpads for work with the fingerprint scanner and I adored it. Of all of the laptops I have ever traveled with, I the Thinkpad is still my favorite and I kinda miss it. Good luck with school, and I hope that you love your new Thinkpad as much as I remember adoring mine!

Chloe said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment!!
Nice to meet you!!!
That's a GREAT steal!!
You're so lucky!! I'm glad for you!!!

Btw, love your blog! I'm glad you found me! Now I've got your blog on my blogroll!!

✩Molly✩ said...

ha I didnt even know you knew Camille, or that you had also posted on saturday steals! :) small world!

Camille said...

WAHOO!! I wish I had an uncle to give me a new laptop. I am getting about ready to part with this one (but shhh...don't let it hear me or it will kick the bucket before I'm ready to buy a new one).

Great steal! Thanks for participating!