Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cute Pincushion

I am currently in the process of starting adventures in sewing in an attempt to open an Etsy store and make some extra moolah. In my adventures, I have been in need of a pincushion to put my needles on. After searching the internet for some inspiration I decided to make my own. I have combined ideas from these two (one, two) tutorials. I love the second one and will probably make my own once I find a cute flower pot some where for cheap.

Here is what I created with out even having to sew!

Isn't it super cute? Do you wanna know how to make one? Awesome. You are in luck.

I have created a little tutorial for you. {Please bare with me because this will be my first tutorial with pictures and I'm sure it wont be perfection.}

First, gather all of the materials you will need:
a glue gun, scraps of fabric, a toilet paper roll, a rubber band, and some batting or polyfill.

Prepare your items:
-Cut your toilet paper roll to your desired height. {mines about 1.5 inches tall}
-Cut a square large enough to stuff with desired amount of batting/polyfill
-Cut a strip of fabric wide enough and long enough to cover your toilet paper roll. {make sure its at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch wider on each side than needed}

Step One:
Make your batting/polyfill into a ball and place in the center of your square fabric. Gather the fabric. {I found it best to gather the centers of the square before the corners to ensure the stuffing stayed in} Wrap rubber band around the bottom to secure. 

Step Two:

Smother your toilet paper roll in hot glue and wrap the fabric around it. Then glue around the inside of the tube and tuck your edges around and inside. {use a popsicle/craft stick to do this and save your fingers from burning!}

Step Three:

Take your "cushion" and tuck it into the top of your tube. Adjust it to the desired height and poofy-ness that you want and then glue it down from the bottom. {i just poured it in there thick}

You could add a Fourth Step by finishing it off with felt on the bottom. I made this at like 11:30 last night and was not willing to cut anything else out. But, if giving it as a gift it would be super cute with felt on the bottom and maybe some ribbon or ric rac  around the tube. 

See, isn't it super easy? Do you want to make one? Go for it!! 

If you do I would love to see what you created! 

And that my friends, is my tutorial and super cute {no sew} pincushion!

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Chloe said...

First to comment!!
It's super cute!!! I like it!!! :)
Great tutorial, btw ;)