Thursday, April 1, 2010

Two Spring Breaks

I did not intentially plan on having two weeks off of school. And to be quite honest, I did go to school on Tuesday of this week. However, on Tuesday my little Cooper man woke up with a fever. When I took his temp it was low like 99 so we gave him some tylenol and I sent him on his merry way with his dad. I went to school had a GREAT day and then went home to find a still feverish kiddo. I don't think it helped that we ran like 3 errands before going home for the evening, but when else are we suppose to get stuff done? By the time we got home his fever was a whopping 103.1! Yikes! So I gave him some tylenol, Kevin gave him a Priesthood Blessing, and we calmed him as much as possible. It was not a pleasant night for anyone except Aiden who slept like a log. When we awoke in the morning, well 5:30 and then 8:30, Cooper was still sailing with a fever above 100. I called the Doctors office told them whats going on and they said ok we will see ya at 2:30. REALLY? I had to wait ALL DAY until this poor guy could get in to the doctor? So we waited and I held poor Mr. Cooper all day until it was time to go. By the time we got to the doctor Cooper was even worse. His little neck was hurting and he was just a wreck. :( Poor guy. 
{mr cooper at the doctor}

The good news is that nothing is wrong with his throat, ears, or chest just enlarged lymph nodes. Seeing how there is no way to really decipher what is wrong there he decided either Mr. Cooper has a viral or bacterial infection. He sent us on our way with antibiotics in hand and we headed home. I was hoping that by morning he would be feeling better... to no avail he still had a fever. So, today I stayed home and nursed a poor baby back to health. By lunch time he was better, and by tonight he was back to normal. 
{nothing like teamwork to get the job done}

{getting ready for bed}

I am thankful that he is feeling better but boy is my house a mess and am I covered up with homework... At least my baby is better and my teachers are understanding. Time for me to hit the books!
{me & mr. c saying cheese}
{mr. a saying cheese}

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