Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Resolution Check-In

Spring Break is upon us here... only 1 more day of classes then I can "relax" for a week. There will not be much relaxing going on... but I will be excited to have a week off of school and have time to spend with my family for once! :)

Now for the check in of my goal for school:
{To get at least a 3.5 GPA this semester}

I did my final round up of grades with all of my professors today and the concensus is I am getting an A in all of my classes! I'm super proud of myself right now but know that I should be dedicating more time to my studies. Which results in me doing school work over Spring Break to catch up on things that I have kinda slacked on. Also, I am going to reorganize my "desk" so it is more inviting to study at! I'm really excited for what I have accomplished and know that I am completely capable of achieveing at least this goal!

Side Note:

I'm also trying really hard to get organized and have recently fell in love with Google Calendars! I can color code everything, include goals, and see my life a day, week, or month at a time. It has helped me to lay out my assignments, tests, doctor appointments, as well as get my VT time scheduled. If you are a technology person like I am... I would suggest looking into it. I'm in love. Seriously!

{ps} my next post will have pictures of my friends and family... i promise!


Jason Tupa said...

Great job Jacque! That's fabulous!

<3 Diandra (Not Jason)

Alexa Mae said...

i need to be more like you. i am definitely going to check out google calendar. good luck with school, you are amazing!

SloneFamily said...

HEY are you going to be in town MAY 6th???? If for some freak reason the answer is YES then you need to come to my Summer Boutique at my house..... No Questions, just come, be there! Lol