Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maybe Its the Winter Weather

I think the lack of sunshine and warm winter breezes has gotten the best of me. Lately I have been so stressed out and "crazy" that I can't even think straight or sit long enough to read a book for homework... It's snowed and its beautiful but its cold and quite frankly something I like for a couple of hours, not a couple of days. I've been thinking a lot about why I really feel so awkward really is the only word I can think of and I think it's because I've lost who I am a little bit. Some one told me I was bitter over people who were born with a spoon in their mouths and its not so much I'm bitter it just pains me to see that they don't appreciate the simple things in life and its hard for me to comprehend that. Sure, I would love to have all the money I need to pay my bills and buy fancy clothes, computers, cars, and cell phones... but I don't have those things and dont need them. What I need can't really be bought. I need self confidence, reassurance that I'm a good parent, more paitence, better time management... and other things that can't be bought. They must be learned, or earned, and they take time. I guess that is the point... things take time.

"Rome wasn't built in a day"


Andrea said...

You are not awkward. You are great.

Geoff, Kim and Hannah Hatch said...

i can't believe you need self confidence. when we were in jr. high you were by far the coolest person ever and i so wanted to be like you!! -not kidding! haha-

Camille said...

Oh, my friend, the winter is the very worst. I never believed such a thing was possible back when I lived in Mesa. But IT IS POSSIBLE.

Blame it on the weather; it is the logical thing to do.

The good news? Winter always ends.