Thursday, February 11, 2010

{Twenty Eight}

{I found this post sitting in my drafts and feel compelled to finish it and to keep up my 365 Days of Gratitude, even if it's not consecutive days in a row.}

Drafted Text:
I love my calling... I'm the YW Secretary and Personal Progress Advisor. At first I was nervous... I didn't know anything about Personal Progress or YW to be honest, but I knew that they had faith in me and that it was the right place I was needed.

Last night we had our New Beginnings Program for Young Womens. We talked about Personal Progress and the importance that it has in helping the girls to develop who they are, build their testimony, prepare for the temple, and to just be amazing young women! Kara and Laurie put in so much work to make it such an amazing night and I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing (I had to leave early to finish my homework). I am so grateful for the church and how much happiness and joy it has brought into my life.

I didn't even have a big part in the program, as the Personal Progress Advisor I was just asked to talk about the new changes that have been made. They have added some really amazing things {which I would link to but my editor is being lame} including a new medallion, a book mark with ribbons that coordinate with the value colors, and a new book that is pink! If the girls weren't motivated before... they are totally motivated now! I mean, I want a super cool bookmark :) But, as I stood before the room of the Young Women, their parents, the amazing women I serve with in the Presidency, and our Bishop I was overwhelmed with the spirit and bawled my eyes out with joy and happiness for my calling. It has been so helpful to me and my progress in building my testimony, having a connection with people in a new area, and making new friends. I am especially thankful for the women I serve with and Louanne. If it wasn't for her I don't know if I would have ended up in YW in the first place. She was the YW President when I got my first calling. They have all been so helpful to me in every way possible! Any time I have felt overwhelmed or lost or just having a bad day I know that if I need their strength or help they are there for me in a minute. I wish that everyone in the world could say that they have people they can turn to in their times of need. For me, I can say it honestly and truthfully. That in itself is enough to be grateful for. However, that is not why I started out writing this post. I started it because I was starting to doubt my calling {I am aware that I shouldn't} and last night I was reminded why I was given my calling. It is where I am suppose to be and with people I should be serving with. I am grateful for the way in which the spirit works and I am humbled by it all the time.


Porter and Karla said...

YES I REMEMBER YOU! I left a comment on your blog a while ago and you never responded so I figured you forgot me! My last comment said how wonderful I thought it was that you became LDS and that I became a member right after H.S. Is your life complete or what! your boys are just adorable.i just had a boy and fear the day he starts getting into things so i can only imagine having double!! keep in touch!

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

This makes me smile! :-)
Jacque you are an inspiration

Andrea said...

YOu are great at what you do and a wonderful asset to our ward. I am so happy to know you and to call you friend.