Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Maybe its because I grew up in Arizona where rain was greatly appreciated when it came, or the simple fact I will probably always be a kid at heart, but I LOVE THE RAIN! It seems to be an ongoing trend in our family. Last week? I think thats when it was, we had a good rainy day and Cooper decided he wanted to go out the front door at work which was open... so he did. I realized he had gone outside when I tried to find him frantically and saw him crawling in the front door with a big smile on his face. After that incident, we decided to take the boys outside and let them play in the puddles. I regretted that I did not have my camera that day. Thankfully, tonight I got the idea to take them back on our deck when it was raining and Kevin was on the phone with his brother. Our deck does not collect puddles like the gravel pavement at work,
but they found a good puddle hiding in an empty pot.
It was fun to soak up the nice cool rainy weather. Sometimes the humidity just kills me, but a nice cool rain is always appreciated. Oh, and yes we have taken better precaution at making sure they do not go out any doors at work. Don't worry!

A video of them playing and Aiden crawling around for my mom :)


Lindsey Layton said...

I love love love that rain! It would take an awful lot of rain for me to get sick of it. And I love your little guys--they are so dang cute!

caton said...

love the video!