Tuesday, July 21, 2009

{Day Seven}

FAMILY PICTURES!!! I'm so excited I finally got to see them, and Kim was nice enough to give me a cd with them on it! When we went up to Missouri for Stephanie's (Kevin's neice) reception I took the opportunity of a camera man and had some pictures taken of us and the babes. Here they are!!!

For the ease of my memory Aiden is on the Left and Cooper is on the Right. They enjoyed eating the grass.

One of the better pictures with the babies. It was hard to get them to cooperate.

I think this is my favorite because it is how they are... just so curious.

The best family picture! Aiden was even waving to the camera man while Cooper smiled big.

The best pictures of the babies. I was suprised he even got one with both of them smiling. How can you not love these little faces?

On top of these amazing pictues, I got to see my babies Sunday which made my day even better :)


caton said...

soooooooo cute, you look gorgeous, and tan! i am not even close to that tan and I'm in AZ

The Tutton Family said...

psssshhhh... my tan is 100% fake out of a bottle. i use bare essentials faux tan. greatest fake tanner ever!

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

your family is so cute. I = Jealous. :-)

HEIDI said...

I love these family pictures and the pictures of the babies! Their matching little Polo outfits are so cute!