Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Time

Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love the decorations, the colors, the message, and the spirit of the holiday. Last year we didn't get to have a Christmas tree because we had just moved and lets face it... they are expensive! However, I did get to go post-Christmas shopping with Kevin's sister Kim and boy did we get some good deals! I got a new pre-lit Christmas tree for half off! I love our tree. It is 7.5 feet tall and its a "mixed" pine. It has different type of branches. It is beautiful! Prior to the "Christmas Season" I asked Kevin if we could put up our tree before Thanksgiving. He said no and that a month of Christmas decorations would be plenty enough. So I didn't argue and said ok and pouted just a little bit. However, we got to have Thanksgiving at our house this year with Kevin's mom and dad and his sister Kim & her family.

(Kevin carving his 1st TURKEY!)
This meant that I got to decorate early!!! Kevin even suggested that we decorate the weekend before. I was in shock but was so excited. I climbed up into the attic and got down the decorations for outside our house. Just a simple wreath and some large bells & ornaments I got on sale last year. Once the outside was done I took on the tree. It was still in the box they sold it to us in and it was really heavy. I thought I could get it out by myself because Kevin had been working all day and I was very eager to put up our tree. So, me being smart and ingenious I grabbed a hold of the box and hoisted it over the little opening where the stairs go up into the attic. I realized at this point I could not get it down by myself but I was stuck... Willfully I pushed the box into the center of the hole and let go. THUD! The box landed right side up and didn't even crack under the immense pressure. Kevin came running into our garage, I'm sure he thought I had hurt myself, and found our tree just standing there. He helped me open the box and then carried the heavy pieces of the tree into our house. This tree is not like the one I had growing up. Instead of putting all the branches on one by one it came in 3 easy pieces. Kevin continued to help as we spread out the branches and made our tree look fat and plump. Then I got to decorate it. This year our colors are Silver, White, and Purple.
I really like it but I think next year we will do a more traditional color of Red instead of Purple. But wait! It gets even better. Kevin agreed that I am allowed to purchase a new tree this year to place in our guest room so we can have a tree lit up in the window by our front door. I am overjoyed!! However that is not why I love Christmas. I love the message it has about giving to others in times of need. I would much rather give to my husband, babies, family, and friends before giving myself a present. It's also at the end of the year which gives me time to reflect on my life in the past year and how much I have grown and changed as a person. And most importantly, it is about celebrating our Savior's Birth. How amazing is it that this little baby was born and came to this Earth to take away all of our sins.
Christmas is a Season for Believing!

So big now! ^ Look at those rolls on their legs! They kind of sit up on their own...
but they love their tummy mats!!


HEIDI said...

Look at you...all domesticated :) You wear it well. Your house looks fabulous! I love decorating for Christmas too, it's so festive!

And those babies are getting nice and plump and oh so cute! oh--I love their sweatshirts ;)

Watkins Family said...

YAY for christmas. I am so jealous, we got a little pre-lit tree this year because Buck didn't find it necessary to get a real nice tree because we won't even be home for christmas but at my parents and his parents house, but the little christmas tree is enough to make me happy. Your boys are once again so adorable, I am looking forward to having children.