Friday, November 21, 2008

2 Month Check Up

Yesterday Mr. Aiden & Cooper has their 2 month appointment. It started with getting their weights. Kevin and I thought they were somewhere around the 8 - 9 pound range. However, our little guys weight 10lbs 1oz! Holy Cow! They have already doubled their weight. It's crazy!!! Whats even weirder is that they had all the same measurements still!
Weight: 10 lbs. 1oz
Length: 21.5 inches
Head Size: 15 inches
If they are not identical it is just a strange conicidence that they continue to have the same measurements. Getting their measurments was the easy part. Next came the SHOTS!!! I guess I knew they were going to get shots but I just didn't think about it until we were there and they asked if they were getting their shots. Of course! So the Nurse started with the oral vacine that they took with no problems becasue they were hungry. Then she showed us the needles. There were six. Each little guy had to get three shots. They both got one in their right and two in their left legs. It made me so sad when we had to hold their little arms and then listen to them cry while the nurses (thankfully there were 2 and all 3 shots were given at once) injected these vacines into them. Their little cries were so pitiful and sad. I'm glad we only hear those cries when they are in pain which is almost never. The only down side to their shots was that Aiden has a little bit of a reaction on his left leg. He had a raised bump and his little thigh was completely red. I called the doctors office and they said to put a warm compress on it and if it didn't get better then I could take him back to their office. He was in so much pain! It hurt him to do any movement with his leg. Fortunately, the warm compress helped out alot and so did the baby tylenol. They both slept pretty much all day but had a great recovery and are back to being their silly little selves.

Aiden sleeping on the day of shots!

Coop & Aide in their rock star outfits

Cooper's little chubby face

Aiden's making crazy eyebrows.


Kara said...

I can't beleive how quickly they are growing up. I am glad they are both healthy and well!

SloneFamily said...

Oh My gosh Jacque...they are huge!!! How fast time flies is absolutely amazing. Shots are so sad and it seems that they just keep getting owrse, because the older they get the more they knw it is coming and they get like hurt feelings about it :( Take Care Mama!