Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swashbuckling Swordsmen

Last weekend Kevin and I rented the newest Chronicles of Narnia from Redbox because we had a free rental and there wasn't anything better to choose. We let the boys stay up and watch it because they had lots of energy to burn. During the movie there is a sword fight between two of the characters. Immediately following the end of the scene Cooper ran to the silverware drawer and produced two butter knives. Kevin and I at first were surprised and told him to put them away. But after he went to his brother and said "Here Aiden," then attempted to sword fight with him. We thought it was too cute and imaginative to take away the fun factor. So after a good 15 minutest of sword fighting between the four of us we put the butter knives away and continued to watch the movie. It's the little things like that which light up my days and remind me how great it is to be a parent.


Rachel said...

sounds like fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Enrico Cagnoni said...

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Ojos de pega said...

La imaginacion de los niños puede ser tan grande en tales pequeñas ocasiones que no sabes cuando te van a sorprender.

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