Monday, August 30, 2010

Happily Ever After

Some days are hard. Some days Kevin runs late, doesn't answer his phone and makes me late for school. Some days if I was capable of breathing fire, I would burn him to a crisp. But, thankfully {for the both of us} that is not possible. Today was one of those hard days. Fortunately for the both of us I have a long drive to school.

My drive started out with me telling myself how lucky he was I had to leave or else he would have gotten an ear full! After I had blown off my steam and had learned a bit of patience thanks to a slow driver on a two lane highway I put on my Sugarland cd. Country music is my guilty pleasure. I lost myself in music and arrived at school. I had a fun time in class learning all about the cool things I get to do this semester and then headed home. By this time I had completely lost all the fire in my anger and realized how lucky I am to have a man who can leave work when needed so I can go to school. I am lucky to have a man who is capable of making my children a healthy dinner. I am lucky to have a man that knows even though I am fire breathing mad at him, it will be okay when I  get home.

I really am living my happily ever after. I couldn't imagine my life with any other outcome. We may not have a lot of years under our belts, but we are building a strong foundation. And, we all know how a strong foundation is. I really am a lucky gal!

{how precious is this picture? he is such an amazing father!}

SEE! LUCKY! thats me :)


Chloe said...

Awww. So sweet!
I love the picture!!
You're so cute!

Michelle said...

Very sweet.

Andrea said...

Nice post. Music always calms the dragon in me too.

Gary Graefen said...


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