Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Steals: A Coat of Paint

It  is Saturday again, and that means that it is Saturday Steals over at Archives of Our Lives.

This week I got a SMOKING DEAL over at Home Depot. I am currently in the middle of redoing the interior of my house. Sounds kinda crazy and intense... and well it is, but its really more furniture and paint changes. We aren't tearing anything out, yet. Someday I would love to tear out my carpet, however it's just not in our budget at the moment. Anyways, I went to Home Depot to pickup some paint so I could get my kitchen island painted. Remember when I was trying to pick out paint colors? Well after getting advised by my super fantastic friend I went with Library Mahogany by Ralph Lauren. So we went to Home Depot with the intent of only buying a quart because paint can be pretty pricey, especially name brand. Well... are you ready for the steal.... Ralph Lauren paint is on CLEARANCE right now. The paint guy said that Martha Stewart's paint line was pushing out Ralph's. I did have to compromise finish in order to get a great deal though. The only finishes that they had at our Home Depot were flat and eggshell. I obviously went with the eggshell finish. I only have gotten 2/3rds of my island painted thus far but am already loving the effect it has. Below is a sneak peak of the project.

So, if you are needing paint and want a super amazing deal head over to Home Depot and buy you some Ralph Lauren paint for super cheap! I got 2 quarts of the paint for $7, it retails $14 for one quart. 75% off!! Seriously, go buy some paint and make over a room in your house or some furniture. 


Malissa Cordova said...

Awesome! I love home projects!! And actually eggshell is the new satin...hardly any paints are carrying satin anymore. Go figure! We just found out about an awesome paint, it's called's made by Glidden...which by the way, so is Ralph Lauren....but it's only about $13 a gallon...steal of a deal!! Happy painting!

✩Molly✩ said...

Wow! My Sister paid full price for RL paint no less than like a month ago... oh wait, maybe that was Eddie Baewer(sp?) Either way, AWESOME deal! I like eggshell too...

I scored a free pint of paint from Glidden in Gerranium Red I still haven't used yet.... what to paint?

Camille said...

GREAT steal! I am in the market for lots of paint right now, so I'm hoping this sale will be happening at the Canadian home depots!

Thanks for sharing!