Sunday, August 9, 2009

{Twenty Five}

Plastic wear is amazing! Not only is it easy to clean, but it has created hours of entertainment for our little guys. They have discovered how to open drawers in our kitchen. The drawer that they find the most entertainment in is the one that we keep our tupperware and plastic bowls in. They pull all of them out, push them around the kitchen, hid lids in the hallway, and then find something new to do. Most of the time, they get bored with them until we clean them up and put them away. So, Kevin has just decided to store our bowls on the counter until he installs our safety locks. But here is their adventure in pictures:
Opening the drawer, as you can see they have already pulled out the bowls.
This might be one of their favorite bowls because of its bright color and the loud sound it makes when banged on the floor.
Surveying the treasure that he has found...
Checking to make sure they didn't miss any bowls.
Their success... my drawer is empty!

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