Tuesday, July 14, 2009

{Day Two}

This oversized denim pillow looks silly, but it has become one of my newest bestfriends! First, a little history of this pillow. Kevin made this pillow a long time before we met. His sister told him how to do it, he bought the fabric, sewed it, and stuffed it full of shredded foam. I have never really liked this blue monster, until recently. You see, Kevin has moved this pillow with him everywhere he has lived. When we first moved into our house this lovely moster lived in our room. It took up a lot of space and was really an eyesore. But, after our babies were born I found a new home for my moster... in their room! It is the best place for it! It is there for me to sleep on in the morning when th ey want someone to watch them play, its there for Sunday afternoon naps after church, and most importantly its there for those midnight wake ups. Its the perfect place to calm my little love bugs down. I love that I can simply lay in their room and snuggle them and then go to my room and snuggle my husband. It totally cuts out babies in my bed, and I can totally leave them there to sleep all night. They love it too! Its fun for them to explore and climb all over. It truly has found its perfect home!


cordovaclan said...

lol I can still remember when Kevin made his pillow! I was impressed!! I'm glad it finally has a permanent home!

mom/sandy said...

Kristy's sewing machine has never been the same since that pillow came to be!! Glad its still in the family.

The Tutton Family said...

I thought Kim helped him make it! I had no idea it was Kristy!!! Its amazing what you find out in the blogging world!