Wednesday, July 15, 2009

{Day Three}

While I pondered tonight what I was thankful for, I debated using a good ol' scapegoat and saying my husband. 1. I miss him terribly, 2. He is an amazing guy, 3. He is my best friend... but instead of using him (whom I'll keep in a snug little corner for a rainy day). I have decided to be thankful for my "battle scars." I know its a little weird, but this morning Aiden pulled the "baby cage" down on top of him and got this gnarly looking bruise on his face. ***I promise I am not a bad parent!*** Anyways, it made me think of all of the battle wounds I have accumliated over my lifetime.

I have almost two identical scars on each knee. The first one I accquired when I was seven and learning how to ride a bike with no hands. The second one I got due to a pair of pants which were too long (which is a common problem). You see, I got this scar running at cheer camp. We had to run from our dorms over to the gymnasium. Our coach made us run with our bags, our gallons of water, and everything else. I was running, and doing a dang good job, until my foot got caught inside my pants and then I fell. It was bad. I had cuts on my hands, my knee was bleeding, and I spilled my water! Plus, to make things even better it all happend in front of a guy I was dating. I was petrified!!! However, when I look back at my little scars on my knees I remember the lessons I learned.

My newest scars which have taken me some time to appreciate are the lovely stretch marks that cover a good portion of my belly skin and thighs. At first, I hated them. I would put lotion on my skin everyday to try and get them to go away. I was so upset that I wouldn't look cute in my swimsuit. Too embarassed to even try one on! Plus, if I was to wear one I would have to wear shorts because I just knew people would look at me and stare me down. But, that lotion costs money and Kev never once complained about these weird looking things on me, so I gave up. I have come to appreciate these little "memories." They remind me of the babies. Remind me of how good I was to make them a little warm home in my belly. How amazing of a job I did to carry them for 37 weeks. So, instead of looking at them as a bad thing I have decided to enjoy them. They are a part of me and those adorable little boys.


caton said...

what an awesome attitude to take miss, you are one good momma, miss you!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm liking your 365 days of gratitude! I hope you keep it up---maybe I'll try it, too.

Way to have such a good attitude about your scars. I have actually had stretch marks on my sides for years, because I grew really tall really fast when I was a teenager. I've never really known what I'm missing by not having them. Oh, well. I guess it will be an easier adjustment when I'm pregnant. : )