Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleepy Time

I love nap time. Its one of the only times of day that I have some alone time. Which usually consist of work or cleaning and occasionally snuggling with my little love bugs. The other night both of my little guys were not happy that they were tired or the fact that it was their bed time for that matter. Kevin and I both attended to one baby and tried to calm him down. I was the only successful one so I was then handed baby #2. I was successful again! I think sometimes they just want their mom. (Other times, they want nothing to do with me but I try to deny that ever happens.) So after calming them down... they fell asleep and this is what happened:
I was stuck on the couch with two little guys. It was fun for a little bit, but then my arms were tired and I wanted to get up. So we put them in bed and they slumbered away the night.

I also have some proof that my babies are really Tuttons.
Here it is:

Aiden, passed out in his bouncer at work. Later on that day, Cooper succumbed to the peer pressure and joined in the fun.

SIDE NOTE: These handsome guys are now 17lbs! They seriously need to walk because I don't know how much longer my arms will have their super strength. But, they are close to crawling which excites and scares me at the same time.


Rachel Miller said...

Jacque - OMG that picture is too cute of them sleeping on you. I can't believe how big there getting.

Malissa said...

They just wanted to snuggle with their mama! That is so cute! They are getting so big!

SloneFamily said...

Ok, they are so cute! I love babies that can just sleep anywhere. Look at you so tiny, the two of them are about as big as you Mama ;)