Monday, February 9, 2009

Project Completed??


I kinda have been feeling how Cooper looks. But how can you not laugh at how adorable this is? Aiden was so content and Cooper just couldn't get his point across any better than this face.

To help me get out of my crazy feelings I have been having I decided to make me my curtains. I only made one tonight. It is for our guest bathroom. I was super excited when I had it finished and shoved the rod through the almost too small opening I sewed in it when I realized that I had forgotten a major part.
You see, I got the inspiration for my curtains from the ones I bought that are hanging in my kitchen/dining area. I think they are super cute and they tie up nicely with some fabric that is attached to them. So I simply bought some fabric to match both bathrooms and coordinating ribbon as my accent color.
Well I had finished and hung my little curtain up with pride in the bathroom and then suddenly realized my mistake. I simply blurted out "I AM SO SMART!" Kevin quickly responded with "How smart are you?" Me: "I am so smart I forgot that ribbon was supposed to hang from the back to TIE!" Kevin: "It's okay. You can just sew it on to the back. No one will know." So I did just that, and it turned out pretty good. My seams aren't straight and they are not perfect but Kev and I are impressed with how good they turned out.
However, I do have one slight dilemma. I made the curtains so there would be some privacy in the bathroom. So, do I just hang it high
or low
on my windows? I just don't know what to do. So please, offer your suggestions.
Also, I know I have not posted on my little tykes. Do not fear. Here are some pictures of them sleeping. They sleep a lot right now so... it only means they will get bigger. YIKES! They are almost half the size of me (length wise).

Two little sleepy guys.

Cooper's face planted into his blanket

Aiden enjoying his hand. For some reason they taste better than anything else right now.
I hung the curtain high in the bathroom because you can untie the ribbons and have some privacy.


kimmy said...

Your boys are so hadnsome!!

caton said...

i love the curtains, low makes more sense for privacy but they look better high up I think! good work on keeping yourself busy when you are feeling blue, it's the only thing that will get you through!

krissa reann said...

cute...i love your curtains...and your boys are so cute!
I like the curtains high up...

Love your blog...saw it through 'A Lovely Lifestyle'

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

so glad you commented. your boys are seriously some of the cutest babies ever!

i vote for the curtains high up. if you're wanting more privacy than that, and i'm assuming they don't could always put a long curtain behind that one.(when i say long, i only mean to the bottom of the window, not long, long) maybe you could put a longer curtain on the rod that is currently holding your cute curtain(great job, by the way) and hang it inside the curtain just like you have it, then take your cute curtain and hang it on a different rod above the window, instead of inside the window. does that make sense? just a thought. sometimes i get in a rut and need a few ideas... sorry for rambling.

Malissa said...

I like the curtains either way...I think they would work half way down if you cut the ribbons to hit the window the don't hang down past the window ledge.
Your boys are the perfect blend of you and Kevin! They are so handsome!! And don't worry about your'll wear off. I went through the same thing a few weeks ago...I think it's just hormones trying to regulate after birthing these cute babies!! Good luck!

Justin and Stefanie said...

jacque! im so excited you have a blog! i was totally just thinking about you the other day and oh my goodness time sure has passed! your boys are just adorable.. how did you handle twins at first.. i can barely figure out one! :)

SloneFamily said...

Hey Girl! Love the curtain, Good Job Miss Martha ;) Definitely vote down Low... not sure what to say about the privacy, but it looks better down low. The Boys are getting HUGE!!! My goodness time flies. Take Care Sweetie, we'll talk soon!

HEIDI said...

Look at you all domesticated :) your house is decorated so cute! I think the curtains look better higher up too. But if I come to visit and stay in your guest room...I want the privacy of having them lower lol. Take care of yourself cutie!

Camille said...

Jaqcue, do you remember me? I knew you in junior high. I stumbled across your blog from Niki's today, and I've enjoyed reading up on what you've been up to. Congratulations on your boys---they're so sweet. And, I had no idea you got baptized--that's great, too. Congrats.

Anyway, about your curtains: I've never seen a treatment like that hung low, but I actually sort of liked it that way! It's original. (They look nice, by the way. You can't go wrong either way.) Still, if it's privacy you're going for, I say go with them low, unless you take Niki's advice and hang a few short panels behind.

Good luck!