Friday, January 9, 2009


I got this idea from Megan when she posted about Savannah turning 9 months. I thought it would be a great way to post pictures I forgot about or just didn't post for some reason. Some are new but I still love looking back to when our guys were itty bitty's!

Cooper & Aiden always have to touch when they sleep. I think it's adorable. Plus, Aiden has a new obsession with holding his blanket close to him when he sleeps. It's so cute!

This was my ingenious way of feeding them when work got really busy and I was by myself.

Another cute Chrismas picture I had in mind.

Cooper being a super smiley guy and Aiden chowing down on his hand.

my favorite Christmas onsie they have

The type of cars we sell.

our guys sleeping on the couch after a long day

when we took our first family walk together in the super nice stroller my mom got for them

My guys just 3 days old. They were big wigglers then too.

two smiling buddies around 3 months old.


caton said...

soo cute, i love looking back at old pictures. also we have the same blog background, great minds must think alike!

SloneFamily said...

Love the pictures of your little guys! they are so cute :)