Thursday, November 6, 2008



Cooper did pretty good on this photo shoot. Aiden is the one who is upset on the right. :(

I know this is almost a week late but... I figure it's better late then never!

For Halloween Linda bought the boy's little onsies. Aiden was a pumpkin and Cooper was a ghost. They were so adorable!

Our friend Frankie also bought some little mask's for the kiddos. Aiden was the monster and Cooper was a puppy. They were big so they can grow into them which will be AWESOME!

Halloween night we went over to Bud & Linda's to help hand out candy and show of our cute little pumkin and ghost. I also made a pumpkin pie for Jimmy since it is his one and only favorite desert. We also made rice crispy treats with Coco Pebbles and melted butterscotch on top. They were YUMMY!!! I strongly suggest you try it sometime.

I cannot believe how fast the babies are getting big. I was just looking at pictures of when we first brought them home and just to show everyone a comparison I have posted them below.

The boy's at 10 days... you can see their ribs and they have little heads and hands and feet.
The boy's at 6 1/2 weeks. They have bigger heads and their bellys are big and their legs are chunking up. Its just amazing to me how fast little babies grow up. But I do think they look more like little old men now. And they are loosing their hair... so keep on the look out for some blonde headed babies coming soon!


SloneFamily said...

Oh My gosh... how sweet they are. I love them in there masks. I am not just saying this Jacqs but we really have to meet up the next time you are in town. Email Me, seriously, and we will set it up that way. Your Boys are so cute, you should be so proud!

The Swiatkowskis said...

What sweet little boys! I can't believe how much they have grown. Their little costumes are so cute!