Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baby Update

Last Tuesday, September 16th at 12:41pm & 1:29pm Aiden & Cooper were born. We went into the hospital at 6am that morning and once they broke my water everything just happened so fast. Both boys weighed 5lbs 10oz and were 19 inches long. The doctor thinks that there is a big possibility that they are identical because they look so much alike and they were the same weight and length. The doctors said that the boys were good and healthy and could go home the next day but we choose to stay an extra day because I wanted the rest and I didn't feel well enough to go home. It was a good thing we stayed because on the day that we were discharged Cooper had a lot of mucus that we kept spitting up and the nurses thought he might have asperated some into his lungs so we had to stay another extra day. But, everything turned out good and all of Cooper's test results came back positive and there was nothing to worry about. Since coming home they have gained 6oz each and are doing really well. They are the greatest babies. They only cry when they are hungry, gassy, or have a dirty diaper. Plus, they are already sleeping 4 hours at night which is good because we can get a little bit of sleep in.
Right after they were born. I was so tired & Kevin was excited!

Cooper has on the dark blue cap and Aiden has on the light blue. They are only a day old!

Aiden and Cooper Napping in the sunshine.


mom/sandy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I have been checking you blog alot waiting to see more pics of the "boys'. They loook darling-glad things are going well. That is great they are sleeping so well. Like their dad they love a great nap!

Enjoy every minute time goes so fast.

HEIDI said...

OOOHHH, they are so sweet! Come visit AZ soon so we can hold those little babies! They remind me of my babies...and look at Austin now! A rough and tumble kid! So, like Sandy said, enjoy every minute of it cuz it goes fast. I'm sure you both are wonderful parents, your family is very blessed! I love you guys!

SloneFamily said...

Oh Jacque they are absolutely gorgeous! I am glad that everything went so well. They definitely look identical... that will be so much fun. If you come to AZ, you have to call me I want to see those babies :)

Caton Ann said...

oh my gosh! congratulations! they are adorable!