Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our First Post

Kevin and I have been talking about starting a family journal for a while and after getting input from other people I have decided to start us up a family blog. So much has happened this year and we are so blessed! Here is a little update for you in case you haven't heard or didn't know:

February 10th we got engaged. To top it off he got me the greatest ring and proposed to me on a mountain top over looking a beautiful scenery.

Later that month we found out we would be having a baby. We were both excited but were unprepared for the news we found out 3 weeks later. While sitting in the doctors office getting our first ultrasound we got a big surprise! The doctor simply said what do you see on the screen there?

We both looked at one another and had no idea what we were supposed to be seeing. We just sat quietly waiting for something to come out of our doctors mouth when she said "Twins. You are going to have twins!" It took us a couple of days to process the fact that we were going to have TWO yes TWO babies!

In May we found out the sexes of the babies. I was really hoping for a boy and a girl since they are fraternal however, it turned out that we would be having two little boys. After getting over the fact I wouldn't have a little girl to dress up and play with, I came to terms with two little boys and was very excited that they could look out for their little sister one day.

Both babies at 18 weeks.

It only took us a week to pick out names:
Aiden Howard (after Kevin's middle name, grandpa, and my brother's middle name and grandpa)
Cooper Morris (after Kevin's other grandpa)

May was a busy month! We had an auction in Maryland and I had a wedding to plan!

We got married on May 31st and it was the absolute most perfect day of my life! I felt like a princess and Kevin was my knight in shining armor. It was one of the best days ever.

You couldn't even tell that I was 5 months pregnant with twins. Everything was just amazing!

Things have calmed down since then I guess you could say. Our lives have been much less stressful now that our wedding has come and gone. We are officially Mr. & Mrs. Tutton. I still find it weird to say.

On July 12th I was baptized and became a member of the Church of Jesus Crist of Latter Day Saints. It was definately a humbling expereince for me. I love our Ward and how great it is. I feel like it was definately the right choice for me and I know that Kevin was proud that I chose to join the church.

Since then not much has happened. Our babies are growing at a good rate and are the same size as one baby at their "age." We have had no complications thus far and the doctor is really happy with our progress. As of right now we are not at risk for preterm labor which is great! Hopefully we only have six weeks left until our little guys come into this world. We are so excited and could not be happier with where we are in life.


kim flynn said...

cool beans, buckwheat!!!

kim flynn said...

I was the first comment that makes me special

The Swiatkowskis said...

Congratulations on everything going on in your life. Your wedding pictures are beautiful and I bet you are getting so excited for your little boys!

The Arnett Family said...

You don't know me. My name is Krystal and I found you through Megan's blog. I thought I would leave a little comment because your story is so similar to mine. 4 1/2 years ago my husband and I had a surprise pregnancy. When we had our first ultrasound we were also surprised to find we were having twins. We had a boy and a girl. Having twins is crazy but fun at the same time. If you need any pointers, you can visit my blog. Good luck and congrats :)

HEIDI said...

Your blog looks great! I love, love, love the wedding looked so beautiful.

I can't wait to see pics of Aidan and Cooper, I wonder if they'll look like my boys and have lots of hair. I was told if there is like a white shadow around their head in the ultrasound that that is hair. hmmm, don't know for sure though ;) anyway, take care of yourself and those babies!

SloneFamily said...

You look awesome at your wedding and youe seriously would never guess you were 5 months prego with twins. I had no idea you were baptized, that's cool though... It seems like it was a good thing for you and you two seem so happy!